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Out of Work? Maybe it’s Time for an Attitude Adjustment.

Our interviewing calendar is always full and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We get to meet some great folks looking for their next job opportunity. Every so often however, someone will walk in with an unpleasant attitude, or worse…. and it makes me wonder:Attititude

  • Why do some applicants feel that they can treat external recruiters with less respect than corporate internal recruiters?
  • Do they think that we will assume that if they are rude to us, they won’t be rude to our clients?
  • Do they think that we will advance their candidacy if they do not act professionally with us?
  • Do they think we have short memories and that after they have “no showed” to an interview appointment that they can then call again when they see another job and apply again?
  • Do they not know that we recruit for lots of different companies and even if they were not selected for one particular job, had they treated us better we may have considered them for another position?
  • Do they think we don’t have feelings and therefore it is OK to treat us with less respect?
  • Why do they come to interviews with us dressed unprofessionally? Are we not worthy of professional business attire?

Our clients count on us to pre-screen candidates for them – so this means we’re evaluating your skills and demeanor from the time you first call us or apply online, to your follow up (or lack thereof) after the interview. If you don’t impress us, we’re not going to give you the opportunity to impress our client. In the old behavioral model, past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior – so please know that we will assume if you are disrespectful to US then most likely you will operate the same way inside our client’s organization.

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