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Job Search Tips – Random, But Relevant!

?????????So many things have been happening lately that I have snapshots of items I wanted to discuss with you in my head. They are somewhat random, nevertheless, relevent. Here is my list:

1. One size resume does not fit all jobs. Customize your resume to fit the job requirements.
2. Keep track of where you have applied. Lately, when I have contacted candidates with regard to a particular job, many of them cannot remember which job they applied for. Not very impressive. Put your correspondence and customized resume in folders marked by the company/job name.
3. If you do not have a degree you cannot hide it. Recently candidates have listed a degree on their resume and when questioned, admitted they did not graduate. Guess what, if the job requires a degree then most likely this is a deal breaker. You can only get away with not having a degree when the job states their education preference or equivalent work experience. Most companies have job criteria and for legal reasons they cannot “fudge” their hiring practices to accommodate a candidate. Sorry.
4. Looking for a job is hard work. It can be discouraging, depressing and very long. You need to hang in there and know eventually you will succeed. Hang in there!
5. Don’t apply for a job if you do not have the qualifications. No, they won’t overlook it, no they won’t train you and no, don’t bother telling them how smart you are. It won’t work!

Happy hunting!

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