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The Government Shutdown & Employee Engagement.

ClosedThe government shutdown (which by the way I am not happy about!) got me thinking about a few things that I wanted to share….I was listening to the radio on my way to work and the announcers were throwing around job satisfaction numbers which went something like this:

1. 70% of people are happy in their jobs and part of that reason is because they feel respected.

2. 65% of people say they look forward to going to work.

They then went on to congratulate themselves on finding these excellent statistics and one even espoused that if he won lotto he would still go to work. The other two said they would not. Now, I have to say I do not know where they got these statistics or how accurate they are – but let’s suppose they are reasonably accurate. What does this mean for companies/individuals? I think it means:

1. 30% of people are not happy in their jobs and possibly they do not feel respected.

2. 35% of people do not really look forward to work.

I suggest that if these numbers hold true that means companies can look forward to a 30% turnover rate. Let’s assume 10% of these people are not productive workers and should probably leave anyway, that leaves 20% who are most likely looking for another job – I hardly think these are percentages companies would be happy with – a 20% turnover rate is a nightmare for recruiters.

Which brings me to the government shutdown (I bet you were wondering when we were going to get to this!). 87% of people are unhappy with the government and blame Republicans (45%) and Democrats (35%) The President (13%) my guess is “the people” do not feel respected by Congress and the Senate. If we ran business the way the politicians run Government we would have been out of work a long time ago.

Moral of the story – companies – please find a way to let your valued employees know that you respect them and want them to stay.

Government, please listen to the people and get it together!

Happy hunting!

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