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What are those flames behind me – oh, those are burned bridges!

iStock_000013340593XSmall (1)I recently received a request from a good friend of mine asking that I please help his friend with his job search. I dutifully sent the resume around to my clients in the industry (which shall remain nameless!). I got an e mail back today from one of my contacts stating that this individual had accepted a job offer two years ago, and just before his start date he demanded that the company pay him more money than was previously agreed upon and that they hire his friend. Seriously? Needless to say, this person was not hired. Fast forward to today when yours truly sent the resume to the same client….GUESS WHAT, they remembered him and have no interest in considering his application ever again!

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident but suffice it to say, I hear this sort of thing time and time again. Only this week, a client told me they had extended an offer to a candidate and when they called to make final arrangements for the start date the individual told them they had found another job. The candidate did not even have the courtesy to let my client know they were not starting.

On another note, recruiters are notorious for courting candidates and then half way through the hiring process, when the candidate has not been selected, they don’t even bother to let them know. In my outplacement practice I see firsthand the effect that recruiters have on candidates when the leave them hanging.

This is my call to action to put civility back into the hiring process:

Candidates: let companies know what your intentions are, be upfront and honest and don’t play games.
Recruiters: have some compassion – let candidates know where they stand.

Remember, people have long memories and once you have burned a bridge it can never be repaired.

Happy hunting!

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