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Shift in the Job Market? How it Impacts You!

You may remember (well probably not) that I wrote about employee retention and how if shift2companies do not show their employees that they are valued, when the job market picks up, they will leave. Well guess what – that day has come. Job seekers have come back into the market and they are leaving their jobs for better, higher paying ones. What does this mean? If you have not developed strong retention practices in your company you will now be seeing the impact.

Job Seekers – Take Note.

Job seekers, just because the job market has opened up it does not mean that you should run out the door for the first job you see. Think about a time when you were happy at work. What made you happy? Why did you stay? Why do you want to leave? Please do your due diligence when interviewing for a new job. Understand why the job is open, find out if you can, what your new manager’s reputation is. Has there been a lot of turnover in the position? With LinkedIn you can find out what it is like to work in a specific organization. Please, do not go from the frying pan into the fire!

Happy Hunting!

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