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Not Paid What You’re Worth? There’s Two Sides to Every Story.

Lately I have been thinking about employees and how they are valued in the workplace. PennyHowever, every coin has a reverse side.  Now I will ask the reverse question – do you value your job?  Does your employer think you are worth what they are paying you? Are you doing everything you can to add value to the company?  Are you working hard or hardly working?

Our Federal Reserve Chairman Elect, Janet Yellen, recently wrote a research paper suggesting that employee productivity is directly correlated to how fair they believe their wages are.  While I understand that resentment builds up when people feel they are underpaid, I submit that employees are only hurting themselves if they start to slack off.  What I suggest is that you improve your work performance so much so that you get high grades on your annual/semi-annual performance reviews. This, in turn, increases your worth to the organization, and also the marketplace, which gives you more leverage to either ask for and get a raise or, use your excellent track record to secure new employment at a higher salary.

Increase Your Value. Increase Your Wages.

When we think we are punishing our employer for not paying us  enough, we are actually hurting ourselves more.  Turn yourself into the employee that your company would hate to lose – increase your value both internally and to future new employers.

Happy Hunting!

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