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Interview Questions – Are You Prepared?

PrepareOne of the most often asked interview questions is about strengths and weaknesses. Most people are happy to chat about their strengths. However, are you able to back up your assertions? People usually say things like “I am a team player” or “I am a hard worker”… well can you back that up? When someone tells me they are a team player, I ask them to describe a situation where they were an important part of a team project and ask them to describe their role and how they impacted the team.

When someone tells me they are a hard worker, I ask them to describe a time where they went above and beyond their normal routine to accomplish a specific goal. So, now I hope you can see that you have to back up what you say with actual proof!

Now, let’s get on to the weakness! Please don’t say that your weakness is that you are a perfectionist, or that you stay late, etc. All these purported weaknesses are worn out and no one believes them anyway. I suggest you think about your real weakness and then take steps to correct it. For instance, “I am uncomfortable speaking or presenting to large groups (here’s when you insert what did you do to overcome this) however I recently joined Toastmasters International”! People appreciate that you know what your weakness is and that you are taking steps to overcome them.

Happy hunting!

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