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It is 2 am – Do You Know What Your Linkedin Profile is Doing?

Fright NightLately, I have posted several of my job opportunities on Linkedin.  I am quite surprised at how lazy many potential candidates are about  applying.  Quite a large percent have simply just applied by attaching their profile, thereby making me do all the work.  Not very impressive in my book!   

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if the profile told the entire story – however very often people don’t invest time or thought into what their Linkedin profile says about them.  They have not given me a compelling reason to reach out to them.  Why should I bother to reach out to you when you don’t care enough to fill out your Linkedin profile?  This takes me to another thought.  I read an article yesterday (yes, and I re-posted it!) about how often people have spelling/grammar mistakes on their resume.  I recently received a resume from a candidate with a degree from Carnegie-Mellon that was so rife with errors I was actually shocked.  If you don’t care enough to spend time on your resume, how effective are you going to be at your job?  To me, it is like going to a job interview in your bathrobe! 

Take time to think about your public image – if you don’t care, why should I?

Happy hunting!

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