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Education – A New Year’s Resolution That Pays Off!

EducationSo often in my career transition practice I meet hard-working people who started college when they were straight out of high school and then because of job pressures they dropped out of school and never completed their degrees.  Fast forward 20 years, they have been with the same company this whole time and suddenly they are laid off.  Unfortunately, many companies today require a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college before considering anyone for a job at the management level.  I have several clients who required their managers have a 4 year degree and anyone at the director level and above must have a Master’s degree in their related field. 

So, where does this leave my lovely people who worked hard all these years for the same company but did not have a degree?  I would say they are at a disadvantage.  I recently had one client who was perfect for the job – lots of industry experience, excellent references – but guess what – only a 2 year degree.  This person did not get the job.  The sad thing is 3 years ago I advised them to get a Bachelor’s and unfortunately they did not.  Fast forward to today and this person is on the job market again and they face the same educational challenges.  This scenario plays out over and over again. 

So, why not make a resolution to finish up that Bachelor’s or start taking college classes to get your degree.  I know it is hard but in the long run you will be a better equipped candidate who will not be passed over because you don’t have the education that a new job requires.

Happy New Year – and Happy Hunting!

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