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I Know What My Passion Is – Do You Know Yours?

In between jobs? Why not take some time to think about what you really love to do – what are you passionate about? Then figure out how to turn your passion into a paying job.

I will never forget when I was working for a national outplacement provider as a member of the sales team, one of the consultants asked me to meet with a candidate who was trying to network into a company where I had some good contacts. When the candidate came into my office with their resume, I realized that it was not up to par and that if I was going to help them I needed to change the resume (don’t get me started on why the resume needed reworking – that is a conversation we will have over a drink one day)! Anyhow, there I was working away on fixing up this resume and finding out the candidate’s strengths so we could put them on paper. Well, I did this a few times and I will never forget one of my colleagues coming into my office after the candidate had Passionleft and he said – “wow – you come alive when you are helping these people – I guess you have found your passion”. I am ashamed to say this was a complete revelation to me, I had no idea that I loved doing that kind of work. Sooooo – one day I decided to follow my passion, I started my own company and here we are into our 5th year. So many people end up in a job for years and years that they don’t enjoy.

Now that you are in between jobs, think about what you’ve always wanted to do. If you are not qualified, how about going to school in the evenings to get the qualifications you need. If that does not sound realistic, what about doing charity work in the area you are passionate about? For instance, many organizations need people to help them such as Feeding the Homeless, you could cook for them in their kitchens one day over the weekend or after work if cooking is your passion. Or, if you love animals, what about working in an animal shelter for a few hours a week. What about if you love baking? I have a client who makes (and sells) the most wonderful cakes on the weekends.

You, too, can be happy at work if you just put some thought into it.

Happy hunting!

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