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Your Opinion Could Cost You Your Job.

Think Before You ProceedEver notice that people post the strangest things on their social media sites? Lately, there have been a lot of things posted that make me wonder what people are thinking when they press the “share” button.  Just because YOU think something is funny, it may not be funny to others.  People will post things that are completely untrue because they read it on some news site that is clearly biased without checking sites like Snopes to see if the facts are true.  Others will make fun of situations without informing themselves of what might be actually happening behind the scenes.


So, why am I on my soapbox today and really what does this have to do with job search?  Well, plenty actually.  Posting things like this show that you do not inform yourself on “the big picture”, you show a lack of empathy towards people who are suffering and all of this is posted on your social media page for the whole World to see.  Stop and think before you post.  Think about whether or not your post could be offensive to others.  Could this hurt you if you are in a job search? Could you lose friends or valuable networking contacts because they are offended by your post?  It is of no interest to me whether or not someone does not like the British monarchy – they are entitled to their own opinion.  However, if you are making fun of them and there is an underlying catastrophe such as widespread flooding, maybe it is not so funny after all.  The same goes for politics – if you expound upon the virtues of gun ownership – rest assured you are going to offend a large number of people whose beliefs do not match yours.  Whatever your political affiliation, be careful when posting on social media – your opinion could cost you your job. 

In other words – for the sake of self-preservation – think before you post!

Happy Hunting

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