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Never Underestimate the Power of Soft Skills in the Workplace!

It is 9 am do you know where your soft skills are?!  Do you even know what soft skills are? yellingIf not – here is the definition:

“Unlike hard skills which are about your technical ability to perform a certain type of activity or task, soft skills relate to a person’s ability to interact effectively with people both inside and outside of the workplace. Soft skills have more to do with who we are not what we know.   Lately, soft skills have been referred to as Emotion Intelligence”.

 So, what am I saying here?  You need to think about how you speak to people.  Are you speaking TO them or AT them.

How do you handle stressful situations like interviews, difficult work conversations?  Do you stay calm or do you fly off the handle.  My staff has recently been trying to assist an employee with a situation and it seems that after a few moments this individual resorts to screaming, accusing EVERYONE of nefarious intentions – every time we have found that this individual has given wrong information – yet every time they end up screaming!  I have left jobs because of bosses that could not contain their emotions – bosses who resorted to threats, insults, etc. (you know what I mean!).

I have had people lose their temper during an interview when I asked a question that they had difficulty answering – the interviews were not even in person – they were over the phone – how bad is that?

How about young people who bring their parents into a job interview?  Not appropriate!  We are hiring YOU – not your mother or father! Often stressful situations lead us to indulge in behavior that ends up hurting us.

So, what is my advice? 

  • Stop, think and listen before responding to a situation.
  • Understand your weak points/triggers and figure out how to not react badly.
  • Inform yourself about emotional intelligence by reading books, researching etc.

Don’t let your lack of soft skills hurt you and stop you from forward progress.

Happy Hunting!


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