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Think It’s All About Impressing the Hiring Manager? Think Again.

In speaking with my candidates during their interview preparation training, I am always iStock_000016791565XSmall-2surprised that they don’t consider the value of interviewing with potential colleagues.  They assume that the hiring manager will unilaterally make the hiring decision and make that decision alone. However, consider this – if you’re interviewing with a manager who values the input of their team, when interviewing new hires the manager IS concerned about collaboration and team cooperation in their working environment (and you better fit in or you won’t get the job).

Successful Teams Seek Successful Team Players.

What makes you a successful team player? When you can exhibit that you:

  • Enjoy communicating and collaborating with others.
  • Won’t brag and take all the credit for a job well done.
  • Follow through and deliver as promised.
  • Will accept responsibility when things go wrong.
  • Have integrity and high standards – a person of your word.

Now that you see where I’m coming from, I suggest that when you interview with potential colleagues you seriously consider what they might be concerned with when adding a team member because like it or not, very often they will be an integral part of the decision.  Good managers concern themselves with how well their team members work together.

The bottom line? Do not underestimate the importance of meeting future coworkers during the interview process.

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