Why job search is like surgery! (and I get by with a lot of help from my friends!) Outplacement – Do You Know What You’re Paying For?

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Unemployment Rate is 6.1%?? “I am Outta Here”!

Well, we have finally arrived at the place where there are more job openings than talent to fill them (notice I used the word “talent”).  Why?  BecauChoicesse while companies are stepping up their hiring they are still sticking to their wish list of requirements – and some of those lists are pretty extensive. Trust me on that.

What to do now that you have a choice. 

I noticed a statistic the other day that said roughly 2.4 million employees are pulling up stakes each month, while the number of monthly open jobs has hit 4 million.  Please think about a few things before you run out of the door:

  1. Understand why you are leaving – this may sound trite but you really should have a solid reason for looking for a new job.
  2. Know what industries are strong both now and in the future and know which ones are on the decline.
  3. Thoroughly research potential new employers, understand their culture and be honest with yourself as to whether or not you might fit in.
  4. Think about your 5 year plan and make sure a job change fits into the plan.  If you don’t have a 5 year plan, then maybe you should start by creating one first before you hit the door.
  5. Remember that there are bad bosses, horrible people and problems everywhere you go so don’t think that your new company will somehow be nirvana – be realistic.  Learn how to resolve issues before you switch jobs so you can be more prepared in the future.

Happy hunting!

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