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Outplacement – Do You Know What You’re Paying For?

Why do corporations give outplacement services and then not really bother to find outIceberg what is really being delivered? Often times I work with companies who have used other services. During my discovery process, I hear a myriad of interesting stories that frankly have me concerned.

Here are some ugly truths about how outplacement works:

  • Large outplacement firms will never tell you exactly how much time a candidate will spend with their consultant.
  • They will never be truthful about how many candidates are assigned to each consultant.
  • The will never tell you that in order to be effective at supporting downsized employees the most important thing they can provide a candidate is actual one on one time with the career coach.
  • They will baffle the client with all the wonders of online content but what is really happening is that the candidate is being directed to work on line so that they are not given one on one time with a career coach.
  • Outplacement firms will use class room training in order to deliver portions of the outplacement program to numerous candidates at one, thus saving time and increasing their profit margins.
  • The big outplacement firms want to keep 75% of the fee charged for each program so they limit the time career coaches can spend with candidates.

This is just the tip of the ugly iceberg. 

So please, before you select an outplacement provider, understand EXACTLY what is being provided, take the time to really drill down as to the deliverables and don’t be afraid to make sure candidates are actually receiving what is being promised.  If you believe that outplacement is just a box that needs to be checked as part of a RIF I suggest you save your money because smoke and mirrors do not work and only harm the employee more.

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