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It’s Bosses’ Day – Are You Celebrating?

Since today is Bosses’ Day, I thought I would pay homage to all those hard working folks who work for bosses (good or bad).

Did you know that the number one reason for leaving a company is because of a bad boss?  I left my last 3 employers because of bad bosses – for instance, I had been given an award for being number one in the company for new business as a percentage of sales.  When it came time for my review all my ratings were 5 (the highest) except for new business where I was rated 4. boss-day-wishes When I pointed out that it did not make sense since I had been given an award for new business, my boss said it had nothing to do with my skills – it was because her boss did not get a good review so therefore we all had to get “dinged” on something.  That is bad boss behavior – my boss should have stood up for me and made sure I was given a good rating.  By the way, there are hundreds of examples where this particular boss was just terrible but why dwell on the negative.

I had one boss who was great – her name is Carol Denton.  She was encouraging, supportive and just an all-around wonderful boss.  Of course my company made sure to get rid of her quickly!!  Carol’s team worked harder for her because they liked and respected her.  When she left, everyone’s productivity fell and as a result, some people got laid off – how sad!

So, here is my question – what type of boss are you?  Do you help or hinder?  Does your team go the extra mile for you or do they run and hide when they see you coming?

Being a good boss means:

  • understanding why your talent stays
  • knowing what motivates
  • giving credit where credit is due

If you have to give negative feedback, do it in a way that is helpful and make it a learning experience.  Never humiliate or chastise member of your team in public.  Be a mentor not a prison warden.  If you think you are a bad boss – get help in the form of a business coach.

Happy hunting!

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