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Vacation Time – Use it, Don’t Lose It.

I recently returned from vacation where I visited my family and celebrated a milestone birthday.vacation

I must admit I did check e-mails quite often which got me thinking about the meaning of going on vacation.  I wondered about how many people really disconnect from work and take time to “chill” out and get away from it all.
Then I started wondering why we don’t disconnect – what is it about us that keeps us tied to the office even when we are on vacation – is it fear of missing out on something – if so, really, how important is that something that we cannot miss?  Are we afraid that someone will take over our daily tasks while we are away and then do a better job than us?  If so, ask yourself, am I really giving 100% to my job?  Some people are afraid to take their vacations in this era of layoffs because they think that it might mark them as less committed than their co-workers.

Lately I have been reading that Americans are taking fewer vacation days and that in 2013 US workers forfeited $52.4 billion in time-off benefits.  Think about what this means….. 169 million days worked free of charge which averages out at $504 per employee.  Ask yourself, if the company asked you to work for free or hand over $504 how would you feel?  Yet, here are millions of people doing just that.

Here is the truth of the matter though:

People who take more time off tend to get more raises and promotions – they have higher productivity and are more committed because they have taken the time to rest and relax.

So with that in mind – take your vacation – go off and enjoy and relax and I will do the same on my next vacation!

Happy hunting!


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