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Today We Give Thanks.

I was sitting here today and thinking about all the things that have happened over the last 5 years.  We started our business in two rooms rented in one of those executive suites on Blue Lagoon Drive.  I will never forget the first morning we opened, I had one employee and we opened the office at 9 am and stared at each other as if to say – “now what are we supposed to do?”!!  Our motto is Honesty Integrity and Education and I can honestly say, we live by those words every day.  We treat eveBasket of Fruits and Vegetablesryone with dignity and respect starting with each other.  We try to have fun at work and everyone takes their full vacation every year!  I started this company with the idea that I wanted people to stay, not because of any forced agreement like a non-compete, but because they wanted to stay because they liked their job.  We now have two employees who are approaching their 5 year anniversary so hopefully we are doing something right!

 Why am I telling you this?

Well probably because I am feeling sentimental because of the holidays, because I truly appreciate both my employees and my clients and I love my job!

 I wish the same for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving (and Happy Hunting)!

The team at Career Movers and Shapers, Inc. is thankful to all our clients and candidates for their continued business. We are especially thankful this year as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

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