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Are You Focused On Your Future?

So often in my outplacement practice, people tell me they are blindsided by the news that they are being laid off.  This is always so difficult.  The emotional impact of tYour careerhe shock of being laid off delays a person’s ability to focus on finding a new job.

There are a few things we can all do to make sure we are prepared for any eventuality in the job world.  Here are some tips:

Keep your resume up to date with all your accomplishments so that you have an accurate record of what you have done.  When people are laid off unexpectedly, they often forget what projects they were involved with, what ideas or improvements they suggested that were implemented, the financial results of the changes they made.

  1. Network, network, network – you should be checking your LinkedIn page every day, responding to requests for connections, helping when people ask.  Every time you go to a meeting, get the business card of everyone you meet and invite them to join your LinkedIn network.
  2. You should be developing relationships with one or two outside recruiters and attracting at least 2-3 job inquiries per year.
  3. Think about what you want for your future and work towards your goals.
  4. Be aware of changes in leadership, mergers, etc. oftentimes such events can lead to duplications of positions which inevitably result in layoffs.
  5. Think about how you are perceived in the organization.  Are you really putting 100% effort into your work?  What is your internal reputation?

Of course, layoffs are inevitable, they are a fact of business life and are necessary for the health of organizations that are going through change.  My clients are always concerned when they have to lay people off and they care deeply for the people leaving.  I know this because they provide good exit packages, including outplacement, to help departing employees move forward.  However, we all need to do our part.  As they say in the Army “Be All That You Can Be”.

Happy hunting!


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