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Is Your Job Your Destination or Just a Place to Sit and Wait? 

Fine DiningI was thinking today about catchy phrases for my next blog – “is your job like dining at a fine restaurant, or a fast food place”?  or “How is your job like fine dining?”  You get the picture and I certainly won’t bore you with any of the other myriad of random associations that pass through my brain from time to time!

Random musings notwithstanding, let’s talk about your job:

  • Are you really in the best possible place?
  • Does the company value your contribution?
  • Are you working to your maximum potential?
  • Do you live for Fridays and dread Mondays?

I am always talking to my candidates about finding the right job, not just any job.  It is hard to do, I know, when your back is against the wall and you have to pay the bills.  Consider this though – if you cannot speak positively about your job or potential job, if you dread work and are not giving 100% then I submit that you are not in the best place for you – or in other words you are in a fast food place and not enjoying a fine dining experience.

When thinking about celebrating special occasions, don’t we consider going to a high end restaurant for a treat?  Something away from the everyday food we eat?  What if you thought about your job the same way? What if your job was like the best restaurant?  Wouldn’t you long to go back, have fun while you were there and remember it as a great place to spend your time?  So when considering new employment, think about whether you will be eating well or just eating.  Food for thought right? (pun intended!).

Happy hunting!

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