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A Job Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well!

“A job worth doing is worth doing well”Job Worth!

These are the words that dogged me as a child growing up in England.  If I heard the expression once, I heard it a million times –  grown-ups drilled it into me – I was sick of hearing it!!  Today, I was reflecting on a question that a client asked me yesterday over lunch about how I came to start my own business and what made me successful.

Actually, what really started this whole thought process was that the builder came by this morning to pick up the last payment on the work he had done remodeling our house and we were going over the project admiring how well it had turned out.  I thought about the first kitchen I had put in the house – back then I did not have much money so I put together the best kitchen I could but it was woefully inadequate.  It worked for quite a while, but as my prowess in cooking improved, the sad little kitchen that I had cobbled together on a dime became more and more difficult to work with.  This time, I had more resources and every time I had to make a decision about what quality of item to buy, whether or not to spend a little more to “get it right” I made the investment.  The end result was a thing of beauty and tremendous function.

Now, let me put the pieces together.

The client asked me how I had grown my business and what my philosophy is:  I knew the answer immediately because it is the way I have done business my whole life.  I said “you have to perform each task using the highest quality methods that you can because in the end, you will have a final work product that is far better than anything anybody else can do”.  This means paying attention to detail, not taking shortcuts to save money, taking the time to think through the issue.  If you do this, if you take the time and trouble, you will end up with a superior piece of work product.  So, think about each step of your process, are you doing the best you can, are you putting in the highest quality ingredient so that you can create a thing of beauty which is, of course, YOU AND YOUR WORK PRODUCT!  If you do this, your clients will love you, your boss will love you, your peers will love you, and most of all – YOU WILL LOVE YOU!

Happy hunting!

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