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When it Comes to Recruiters – One Size Does NOT Fit All! 

So, you contacted a recruiter and met with them to discuss an open position they have, then all of a sudden silence, nothing, nada, all you hear is crickets!  What happened?  Well most likely nothing.

One Size (1)Certainly no response at a time when you are scared and trying to find a job is not a good feeling.  However, if you understand some basic rules around how recruiters operate, this may help you navigate the rough waters of job search:

  1.  Recruiters work for their client company.  You are a resource that may or may not fit a job opening so if you are not a complete match, they most likely will not send your resume on.  Unfortunately, most of the time they won’t tell you that.
  2. Consider whether you were a good fit for the position in the first place.  Many applicants ignore some of the key criteria on a job description such as level of education, years of experience, etc.  Companies will not overlook experience that they have decided they need.  You may think because you have many years of experience that it will overcome a lack of college degree.  This is not the case if the client insists on the degree.  Some job descriptions do state either a degree or commensurate experience.  If it says degree is necessary, you will not get selected.
  3. You may ask, well why are they being so picky?  Well because nowadays companies are asking recruiters to fill difficult positions, or positions they are having trouble filling themselves which is why they are so particular.
  4. Many times, recruiters do not get feedback from the client so they cannot give you any information.
  5. Think about a subject line in your e mail that catches the attention of the recruiter.  Remember, they have hundreds of resumes and e mails they have to sort through each week.  Think of a subject line that helps make their job easier – such as: “Resume for job such and such” and include the job posting number rather than just attaching your resume with no subject line.
  6. Make sure you customize your resume to accurately mirror what the job description is looking for.  Obviously, do not make up something you don’t have, but if the job description has a list of bullets in a certain order, then change your resume to mirror the order of their requirements.
  7. Make sure you don’t have any spelling mistakes on your resume.  They are a killer.  It is no good saying, “well I read it three times”.  The fact is  – you did NOT catch the mistake.  Have more than one person proof read the resume for you.  Do not rely on spell check.
  8. Never, ever, ever, ever (have I stressed this enough?) send a generic cover letter.  Make sure you create a customized cover letter or cover e mail that addresses the needs of this particular position.

I hope this helps. Happy hunting!

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