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The Age Old Question of, well, Age!

Question markThere is no doubt that although age discrimination is completely illegal, some companies are finding ways to hire younger workers.  Can you prove it – no.  Is it disgusting – yes.  Can we do anything about it – well, yes I think we can.  Let’s talk about how…..

  1. First of all, how does it happen?  Well usually, the first time your resume is looked at is by an inexperienced, relatively junior screening person who is given a strict set of criteria to follow.
  2. Make sure your resume does not give any clues as to how long you have been in the workforce.  For instance, do not put the year you graduated college or high school unless it was within the last 3-5 years.
  3. Do not go past 15 years’ experience on your resume.  Employers are only interested in what you did most recently.  If you were in IT for the last 15 years but started out as a bank teller, no one is going to hire you for your banking experience.  It is no longer relevant.
  4. Make sure your resume accurately reflects the value you bring to the position, how you can positively impact the work and that you are an ideas person, not just a rule follower.
  5. Prepare to overcome objections once you get to the interview.  Make sure you come across as still vital and energetic.
  6. Make sure you don’t let questions of salary become a reason why you are not going to be selected.  Often, there is an assumption that because you have worked longer, you are being paid more.  Focus on the value you bring and avoid the question of salary.  If they ask what your salary requirements are, ask them what the range is so that you delay the discussion of compensation until you have convinced them that you are their right candidate.
  7. If they are concerned about your salary, you can always offer to work on a consulting basis for the first 3 months to see if they like your work product.
  8. Make sure the company sees you as a person who can help them solve problems, not just someone who has done the same thing over and over again.

Happy hunting!

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