The Age Old Question of, well, Age! Have a Great Job Offer? Proceed With Caution.

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In a Job Search – First Impressions Matter.

No SmokingHonesty • Integrity • Education is our Philosophy! 

So pardon me if I am being rude, however since we’re here to be honest AND to educate you – I am going to ask this question…… get ready, I don’t mean to offend….


SAY WHAT??  What AM I talking about here?

Well, we interview many candidates and prepare them to meet with our clients, and we also prepare out-placed individuals to increase their interviewing skills. What is surprising to me is how often people don’t bother with their appearance, etc.

So, here are some things for you to consider:

Perfume: Less is more!!! I am one of those people who are sensitive to strong smells. If someone is interviewing with me and they are wearing a boatload of perfume, all I can focus on is the overwhelming scent and I cannot concentrate on getting the best out of them during the interview because I am getting a royal headache (I used the word royal because as some of you know, I was born in England, so that word seemed appropriate!). I always suggest to candidates that they just don’t wear perfume at all during an interview. Much safer that way!

Smoking: I can smell cigarette smoke on someone a mile away. If you smoke, don’t do it prior to going on the interview. If you smoke in your car, the smell will permeate your clothes. Many companies are adopting a non-smoking policy as part of their wellness programs so if you smoke and the interviewer can smell it on you, then you are done and dusted! Also, you may not smoke but someone in your family does and your clothes pick up the smell, the interviewer might assume it is you who smoke and that is not fair either.

Personal hygiene: Please be freshly groomed, showered, hair washed, etc., and make sure your clothes are neat, clean and pressed and that your shoes are polished.

Remember – you only have one chance to make a good first impression, don’t let something like this take away from your awesome skills and experience.

Happy Hunting!

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