In a Job Search – First Impressions Matter. How to Stay Positive During a Job Search After You Have Been Laid Off.

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Have a Great Job Offer? Proceed With Caution.

JOB OFFERThe other day one of my former candidates called me to discuss some details included in a job offer.  This conversation got me thinking about danger signs that could throw up a red flag and when to turn down a job offer.

Always read the fine print in the offer.  For example, one of my clients triumphantly showed me a job offer which appeared to be twice what they were making in their previous job.  As I read down the items included in the offer, the company had listed as part of the salary, the cost of health insurance, the cost of vacation and sick time.  Also listed in the offer were numbers that pertained to overtime pay, yet there was no guarantee of overtime.  We backed out all the “soft” numbers and realized that the actual offer was less than what they were making in their previous job.  Be careful that you understand what the job offer is outlining and make sure you understand the terms.

Another thing to watch for is sign-on bonuses.  It sounds great that you are going to get several thousand dollars for a sign-on bonus – but make sure you read the terms.  Is the bonus contingent upon you staying for a certain length of time and if you leave or are terminated, you will be expected to pay the money back?

Some other warning signs of when to walk away/when to run are:

  • You are not being treated with respect during the hiring process by either the recruiter or members of the hiring team.
  • You are sitting in the lobby of the office and people appear to be unhappy or they don’t treat each other respectfully.
  • You have been offered the position but you do not have a formal job description and the job duties are not clear.

And finally, a couple of other things to consider:

Have you done your due diligence and checked out the reputation of the company?  You can Google a company or visit and find out a lot about them from former employees.  Obviously, people who have been terminated will be biased against the company, but what if current employees are posting negative comments anonymously?

Ask yourself: can I see myself working well with all members of my new team?  Will I be able to get along with my boss?  Are they going to include me or treat me as an outsider, even after I have joined the company?

These are just some of the things you need to consider before accepting the job offer. I hope you find this blog useful! And as always…..

Happy hunting!

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