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Honesty, Integrity and Education.

It costsHello wonderful blog followers!

First, let me thank all of you for reading my blogs.  It means a lot to know that people find the information useful and relevant.

Second, since I’ve been asked the question many times, I thought I would give you some insight as to what prompted me to open Career Movers and Shapers.

Basically, I was working with outplaced candidates and I kept hearing horror stories from them about how unprofessionally they were being treated by corporate recruiters and staffing companies.  It got me thinking about how someone who is already in a fragile place did not need the added pressure of being treated poorly by the recruitment community.  At the same time, our outplacement services were being pared down and I felt like the candidates were not getting adequate support during a very difficult time.  I remember say out loud “well if recruiters cannot be polite and helpful to candidates and we are giving less and less outplacement support, forcing people away from one on one coaching visits and towards virtual services, then I may as well do it myself – the right way”!!  And there, an idea was born and just like a baby, Career Movers and Shapers was born 9 months later!

What am I really talking about here?  I am talking about respect, a high level of customer service and a desire to be supportive of people who are in a job search.  Our philosophy at Career Movers and Shapers is Honesty, Integrity and Education.  We are honest with our candidates, operate with high integrity and always try to make our interactions informative and useful.  So there you have it – this is what we stand for!

Why am I talking about this now?  No, it is not to give ourselves a pat on the back, although if you would like to do it, we gladly accept!  The reason for this blog is to tell you that you have every right to expect to be treated with dignity and respect, to be told the truth and to get advice from us.

We believe that we have several clients, namely: our client companies, our candidates and temporary employees and each other.

Happy hunting!


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