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The Brexit Vote and Making a Job Change – Think First.

EOYUQNT97AHow does the idea of Brexit dovetail with our lives? OR with a Job Change??

You may think that Britain’s vote last week to leave the EU has nothing to do with us or our daily lives.  I am not sure about that.  Here’s why:

We are often dissatisfied with things that happen to us at work or in our personal lives.  We think, “I don’t need this aggravation”, “it’s not worth the hassle”, “I did not sign up for this”.  Sound familiar?  We have all had second thoughts on decisions we have made from time to time.

When thinking about making a job change.

You must think logically, NOT emotionally.  Carefully evaluate the pros and cons of staying vs. leaving.  Think about what brought you to this company.  Think about the good AND the bad – not just the bad.  Being upset about a particular situation and painting everything black is something we humans tend to do.  Make decisions based on logic and facts, not emotion and random opinions.  Look what happened in Britain – the “Leave” camp started making up worst case scenarios to scare people and decisions were made based on emotion and not fact.  Now there is a movement to try and reverse what has happened.

We all know that life rarely gives us “do-overs” so think before you act!

Happy hunting!

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