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Are You 5 Stars or 2?

5 star review-I just came back from what I thought was going to be my dream vacation.  I saved all last year and this year for a once in a lifetime European River cruise.  My dream turned into a nightmare.  The cruise was cancelled after only 3 days and we were provided with inadequate substitutions to replace our lost river trip.  The company did not stand behind its product.  I arrived home tired, broke and upset.

So what on earth does this have to do with you?

Well, isn’t this an example of how we have a choice to either do the right thing or the wrong thing?  The river company chose to not stand behind its product, keep most of the money and not substitute with comparable service.  If you think about it, we have the same option at work or in business.  We can provide value for money each and every day or we can underdeliver on our promises to do good work, be a valuable employee and provide a quality service.  It is really up to us as individuals to decide if we are 5 stars or 2.

I choose to run my business with as much integrity as I can.  I instill this into our employees and they know that we must treat everyone with dignity, respect and honesty…..AND deliver what we promise.

What do YOU stand for?  Are you 5 stars or 2?

Happy hunting!

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