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Interviewing – prepare – prepare – prepare – and then what?

PrepareAs you may have read in my blogs in the past, your resume is your calling card and the thing that gets you the interview. However, acing the interview requires a whole different set of skills. I maintain that 90% of the work for the interview is done prior to ever setting foot in the hiring company’s lobby!

As I have stated in the past, you must research the company, its philosophy, products, mission, vision, profile of who you will be meeting with and, if possible, the financials. You must know the job requirements by heart and have responses prepared that clearly back up your assertions on your resume and prove that you understand and can perform the job because of your previous experience. You must know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to clearly understand how to successfully navigate the question of compensation.

However, sometimes all this is just not enough!

The main problem with everything we have discussed above is that we are assuming that the person interviewing you is able to clearly discuss the job needs, skills and experience needed, and draw a direct line to what is needed from this position. What happens if they are not able to do this? What if the interviewer is just not skilled enough to help you delineate the requirements? Is this your fault? No, of course not. Is there something you can do about this? Of course there is. You need to take control of the interview in as polite a way as possible and help the interviewer understand why you are the best person for the job. This requires you to be able to change the interview from a “she/he asks you and question, and you answer” to “she/he asks you and question, and you answer – THEN YOU ASK A FOLLOW UP QUESTION as to the challenges the organization/department/manager is facing so that you can answer how you have faced similar situations in the past and explain how you have been successful in resolving them to deliver solutions that add value”. This is an additional skill that I suggest you think about and try to adopt. In my opinion, the best interviews are always conducted with you asking follow up questions that you can then answer to showcase the value that you bring to the organization.

Happy hunting!

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