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Land a New Job? Don’t Stop Networking!

I have been spending quite a bit of time of LinkedIn lately and I have noticed that people are very active when they are looking for new job Buildopportunities but then grind to a sudden halt after they have found employment. Their profiles are well put together up until they secure a new position but then they just seem to stop bothering after they get into the new job.  They will have full and detailed skills and achievements on their profile and then when they get in the new job they just list the company and the title.

Always Be Networking.  

Why not spend as much time on putting in the information on the new job as you did in your previous ones?  Does this mean you have stopped networking and no longer care what people think of your profile? What about your professional brand?

Remember, you should continue networking throughout your career.  Networking does not stop once you find a new job.  Recruiters and employers are constantly looking on LinkedIn for new talent.  Are you going to miss an opportunity because your profile does not accurately reflect your latest, and most likely, upgraded skills?

Happy hunting!


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