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If You Don’t Care About Your Resume – Why Should Anyone Else?

Think Before You Proceed

Recently one of our recruiters was working on the resume of an individual who expects to make over $60K.  Their resume listed job duties on prior positions in the present tense.  It was clear that they had simply copied and pasted job descriptions from prior positions without even thinking about what they were entering – oh, and by the way, this was one of the better resumes we’d seen all day.

It’s very common for us to receive resumes from people who have forgotten to list their contact information, or who put one line in the resume for each position.  Another area that we see errors in is the dates of employment – very often the dates overlap or are wrong and when you ask the candidate; they admit that “yes that is a mistake”. I don’t worry about the candidates that we send to our clients, we’ll make sure your resume is top notch – it’s all of the resumes going directly TO the companies that I worry about. There are so many skilled people out there who will miss out on a great job opportunity because of these types of errors. Trust me on this.

Your resume is your first introduction to a prospective employer.  If you cannot be bothered to create a good representation of your skills and experience, don’t you think that a new employer will think “well, if they are careless about their resume, they will be careless on the job; therefore, I will pass on this person”?  What I don’t understand is, people bathe and dress appropriately to make a good impression for an interview, yet they fail to create a good resume.  I understand they may not know how to create a resume, but you can find a million resume samples on the Internet.

If you have been in the job market for a while and you’re not getting interviews, PLEASE take the time to create a good resume that correctly outlines your positions, skills and experience.

Happy hunting!

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