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Thank You Emails After an Interview.

Honestly, I did not realize that people still wonder if you are supposed to send a thank you email after an interview – my answer is “ABSOLUTELY YES” !!!

I advise my candidates to take notes during the interview so that they can refer back to items discussed in their thank you note.  For instance, Dear (Name of Interviewer), thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday to discuss your XXX position.  During our meeting you stated that (I’ll use this as a small example) punctuality is a critical trait as part of this job requirement.  I wanted to let you know that in my last job I received a perfect score on my last performance review for punctuality and attendance!  Obviously this is a very “light” example of tying your abilities to the job and you would, of course, show how what they are looking for matches exactly to you skillset.

The other thing I often hear is – I couldn’t send a thank you note because they did not give me their business card or they did not give me their email address.  Really – if you go out of your way to find the email address it shows initiative on your part.  For instance, you could reach out to the person that set up the interview and ask for the email address.  On your way out of the interview, you could ask the receptionist for the email address.  There are many ways to get the information.  If the worst comes to the worst and you really cannot get the e mail address you can send a hand written note.

Where there is a will there is a way!

Happy hunting!

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